Competition is an integral part of the Sevenoaks TC programme, and from the start we provide in-house tournaments (links above!) for our players to hone their tennis skills in a competitive environment. As they move up the mini-tennis ladder it is very important to participate in as many Ratings Boxes, Matchplays, and other tournaments as possible. For this reason, when in-house events are not available, we encourage our players to participate in other local events.

A single click on this link will bring you directly to the LTA Kent Tennis County Calendar, which lists all local tennis events, including tournaments.



Matchplays are ideal for juniors looking to practise their match skills and improve their ratings. They are usually one-day events, and participants can expect at least two matches against players of the same rating and roughly the same age. Timed Matchplays are for 10.2/10.1 tennis players, ie those starting on the ratings ladder. They involve 20-minute matches which now count towards ratings. There are several in Sevenoaks during the summer, and there is a complete list on the LTA Kent Tennis News section. The link will take you right there!

Easter and Summer Tournaments

All Kent Summer Tournaments are all listed on the LTA Kent Tennis County Calendar.

The tournaments usually last from a Monday to a Friday or Saturday, but this does not mean that your child (especially the younger ones) will be required all day every day.  Each player is guaranteed two matches in each singles event, win or lose. After that, returning each day will depend on the player winning through the main draw; or moving through the Consolation Singles; and/or choosing to play the Doubles events.

The ‘minis’ – red and orange – are usually only required for one day, and can often play more than one tournament. Mini-Greens can sometimes do this too, so check the ‘mini’ dates carefully. But full tennis players can only enter one tournament at a time.

Grade 4 tournaments are local/County level, and count for ratings and rankings.

Grade 3s are county/regional level, and count for ratings, and for considerably more ranking points

The Kent tournaments are easier to get to, of course, but you may wish to go further afield to find a Grade 3 tournament, and/or compete against new players. We have a good selection of entry forms for tournaments around the South-East in the Sennocke Centre at Sevenoaks LTC. Alternatively, for information on competitions in other parts of the country go to the LTA’s Competition page – click on the link!