Sevenoaks Schools 9&U Boys Doubles – Winners Sevenoaks Primary, RU The New Beacon and 3rd Sevenoaks Prep
Ruby met Andy Murray whilst playing in a tournament at the NTC!
Imogen was RU after a close final at Bromley
Victoria was a finalist at Bromley
Emily won her first 10&U tournament in Wilton
Ruby won in Birmingham
Mila won in Bristol
Imogen won her first 12&U tournament at Sutton
Toby won at Avenue
Lady Boswell’s got gold and silver at the Sevenoaks Schools Doubles
Granville won gold and bronze and St Michael’s got the silver at the 8&U Sevenoaks Schools Doubles
Toby and Dehong have made it to the semi-finals of the Kent 10&U Winter League
Mila, Veronica and Olivia – 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Bromley 9&U!
Ruby won the 12&U in Croydon
Veronica won the 10&U at Bromley
Nethuki narrowly lost in the final in Bradfield
Becky won the 16&U in Frindbury
Bella won the 10&U in Eastleigh
Imogen, Emily and Rosie playing for the Kent 8&Us against Surrey
Ruby won the 10&U in Sutton
Mila was RU at the 9&U in Bath
Imogen & Bella (centre) and Tasia & Emily – winners and runners up in the Kent 10&U Girls team event
Emily (4th from L) and Victoria (3rd from R) represented Kent in the regional 8&U event
Leo (L) was RU in Bromley
Mila won in Taunton
The past and present of Sevenoaks Tennis Centre: Gabby, Sarah, Alice and Phoebe helping Kent win the Ladies Winter County Cup
Charlie and Leo represented Sevenoaks at the Kent 9&U boys event
Emily (W) and Rosie (RU) had an all Sevenoaks final on home turf!
Toby (R) won in Bromley
Mila (L) was RU at Bromley

Sevenoaks Tennis Centre
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