Red (age 5-8)

DatesTimeDaily RateLocation
22nd July – 25th July9:00 – 11:00£20Sennocke
29th July – 1st August9:00 – 11:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
5th August – 8th August9:00 – 11:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
12th August – 15th August9:00 – 11:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
19th August – 22nd August9:00 – 11:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
27th August – 30th August9:00 – 11:00£20Sevenoaks LTC

Orange (age 8-9)

DatesTimeDaily RateLocation
22nd July – 25th July11:00 – 13:00£20Sennocke
29th July – 1st August11:00 – 13:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
5th August – 8th August11:00 – 13:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
12th August – 15th August11:00 – 13:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
19th August – 22nd August11:00 – 13:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
27th August – 30th August11:00 – 13:00£20Sevenoaks LTC

Green (age 9-10)

DatesTimeDaily RateLocation
22nd July – 25th July13:00 – 15:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
29th July – 1st August13:00 – 15:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
5th August – 8th August13:00 – 15:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
12th August – 15th August13:00 – 15:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
19th August – 22nd August13:00 – 15:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
27th August – 30th August13:00 – 15:00£20Sevenoaks LTC

Hardball Tennis (11+)

DatesTimeDaily RateLocation
22nd July – 25th July15:00 – 17:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
29th July – 1st August15:00 – 17:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
5th August – 8th August15:00 – 17:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
12th August – 15th August15:00 – 17:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
19th August – 22nd August15:00 – 17:00£20Sevenoaks LTC
27th August – 30th August15:00 – 17:00£20Sevenoaks LTC

How to apply:

Please email Hélène with which week(s) you would like to participate in and include the following information:

Parent/guardian mobile no:

Payment – you can pay cash on the first day.

If you prefer a bank transfer please wait for the email in the week before with directions and payment details.