The Junior Autumn League will be at Sevenoaks LTC for hardball players rated 10.2-9.1 and Chipstead LTC for green players (especially new greens). Orange players will have matchplays at West Heath organised on a weekly basis.

Priority is given to players new/newish in their age group band. They play lots of short single matches and some doubles. Some results will be loaded but not all – the idea is not just to improve ratings but to introduce children to Club tennis and to have fun!

Full £40 Discounted £35

The discount applies only if you are playing at the club of which you are a member!

Places are limited, so book early – if unsure which category you are, pl email Hélène! Entries should be sent to the organisers as listed below.

Junior Summer League groups

13, 20, 27 Sept; 4, 11 Oct, possible make-up session on 18 Oct.
Green players 1630-1830 at Chipstead LTC
Tennis players 10.2-9.1 1700-1900 at Sevenoaks LTC

Friday Matchplays for higher-rated players

For tennis players 8.2 and higher-rated there will be Matchplays at the Sennocke on Friday evenings, organised and paid for on a week-to-week basis.

Entry Form        Junior Summer League 2019

NameBTM noRating

Where to send your form!

TENNIS (10.2-9.1) players please send the entry form, and (except for Friday Matchplays) a cheque payable to Sevenoaks LTC, to Hélène Jackson at The Two Houses, Hollow Lane, East Grinstead RH19 3PS. For Matchplays please send the form but no cheque.

GREEN players please send the form, and a cheque payable to S Christian at 5 Chesterfield Drive, Sevenoaks TN13 2EG.

If you have any queries please email Hélène at [email protected]